Sunday, January 26, 2014

$150.00 Logo Contest Details

Mind MatterZ Media Source, LLC is looking for talented graphic artists, illustrators and animators to be apart of our growing media movement. For starters, we'd like to modernize our company logo: 

Here are the details:

1. Outer circle, which contains the company name: "Mind MatterZ Media Source, LLC"  company slogan: "Because, Perception is Everything!" Both in Papyrus Typeface

2. Inner circle, containing the company's image;

3. The Mind MatterZ Media Source Image:
a. The "Melanated Mystic" seated EYES CLOSED, CROSSED LEGGED, on a PURPLE mat as shown above. 
b. The Money Tree, rooted into the mat, growing out behind the "Melanated Mystic"
c. The Sun shining behind the tree & mystic, smiling with a solar flare and sun spot. There are also 7 sun rays to represent the 7 principles on which Mind MatterZ Media Source is based: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Business/Style, And Hip Hop.

4. A 3-Dimensional, Metallic finish

The theme of image is to stay as is, with the exception of these changes: 
The "Melanated Mystic" should be clothed in a RED Hooded Sweatshirt (Hood Down), BLACK Jeans (Or Swearpants), And Basketball sneakers that look like the "White/Fire Red 3s" with a distorted red triangle (since the "Jumpman" symbol is a trademarked). Also, instead of having crossed hands, the "Melanated Mystic" should be holding a GREEN book.

Submissions Must Be In No Later Than 11:59 PM February 28 (2-28-2014). They will be reviewed for consistency with the given details and your particular artistic style. Anime or Hip Hop Graffiti styles are strongly encouraged!!!

1st Prize: $150.00 and artist credit for the logo design as well as an Artist for Hire contract for continuing work with Mind MatterZ Media Source.

2nd Prize and 3rd Prize: $50.00 and an Artist for Hire contract.

4th and 5th Prize: $25.00 and an Artist for Hire contract.

For submissions and information e-mail: with the subject line "LOGO CONTEST"

Good Luck!!

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