Thursday, February 9, 2012

For The Reuniting of Asia

My Brother Cap-Rise (SunManPatoo) The Nāga (King) of YouTube, Sparking Your Brain Cells With Some Science On The Connection Between The Moorish Science Temple Movement, Founded By The Noble (Timothy) Drew Ali, Which Evolved Into The Nation of Islam, Which Spun Off Into The Nation of Gods & Earths (bka the 5%'ers, God-Bodies) And Our Common Ancestor THE ASIATIC. All Of Them Utilize The Shield of I.S.L.A.M To Connect With Our Medieval Ancestors, The MOORS, Who Were Responsible For The Age of Enlightenment In Europe. The Common Threads Between These Three Organizations Are:

1.)  The ASIATIC International Identity. This Alludes To The Story That The Original Man (Our Common Ancestor) Came From The Land That Encompasses The Nile Valley (aka Garden of Eden) "The Foothills Of Mountain Of The Moon, Where The God Hapi Dwells"; The Fertile Crescent At The Tigress(Hiddekel) & Euphrates Rivers; Indus And Ganga (Ganges) River; All The Way To The Amur River In (Modern Day China), And Across The Water To The Land Of L'Amuri-Ka (America).

2.) Resurrecting Our People, The Nāgs (Negus, Niggers, Niggas, Negroes, And Black Folks In General) From The "Deaf, Dumb, And Blind" State Of Mentacide (Mental Death). Their Method Was To Expose The Lies, Fallacies, And Misinformation, Which Was Brought To Light By The Willie Lynch Slave Breaking Program. It Is Now Our Magnum Opus, Our Generations Task To Filter Out The Lies And Let The Truth Shine Through!!

The Time Is Right.. Now Is The Year Of The Black Water Dragon And Next Is The Year of the Snake!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Negroe History Lost, Stolen, or Strayed

                                        Negroe History Lost, Stolen, or Strayed
              Bill Cosby's Documentary On The Spin "They" Put On Our History
                                           Check It Out And Let Me Know!!


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